There are certain points which you should keep in mind while e-filing returns in order to reduce mistakes.
Avoid last hour rush:  Its human tendency to act at the last moment and hence this follows in filling return. But this rush may lead you to commit several silly errors and will eventually lead to cancellation of your return. Therefore, by avoiding this last hour rush, you can ward off more than 90 percent mistakes that you usually commit.
Don’t forget to send ITR-V: Sending ITR-V after e-filing is equally important, otherwise your return will be considered as illegally filed. To avoid this situation, try to send the ITR-V the next day you file the return as it only takes an hour to post it.

Data errors: These are the most common mistakes while filling e-return. It could be in form of mistakes in personal data, mistakes in filing banking data and others. While e-filing tax returns one needs to furnish personal details like mailing address, DOB, status, email, mobile number. One should ensure that these details are correctly filled in the designated columns. Similarly furnishing bank account details is mandatory even if you are not liable for refund.

Filling in old details: Job changes and transfers are common these days. The office email ID also keeps changing with the change of every job and moreover, even the locations are also changed. But the ITR form needs both the post address as well as the email address.

Provide accurate salary details: While e-filing, one should ensure that the salary details do not contradict tax deducted at source as this discrepancy is one of the major reasons for rejection of the returns. Interests on your fixed deposits and income from other sources should be correctly mentioned while filing it.


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