Here are five countries with unbelievably small armies in the world:

1. Andorra: Situated between France and Spain, Andorra has no standing army but a small volunteer army. Andorra has signed treaties with France and Spain for its protection.

2. Costa Rica: A Central American country, Costa Rica's Constitution has forbidden military since 1949. It only has a public security force which deals internal security issues. Costa Rica has the United Nations University of Peace.

3. Bahamas: The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is made up of only Navy. Still continuing its tradition, Bahamas is headed by Queen and have 1,500 active military personnel.

4. Barbados: The Barbados Defence Force is responsible for both internal and external security of the country. The number of active military personnel in the country is 1000 which goes along with the size of the country.

5. Monaco: One of the world's smallest countries, Monaco has a population of approximately 38,000 out of which 263 serve in the paramilitary forces.

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