Hisar: Amid the growing tussle between Narendra Modi and Congress party over the expenditure incurred on UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi’s foreign tours, an RTI activist has been able to dig up some information on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign tours.
Despite, the Prime Minister Office declining to reveal the details of expenses incurred on Sonia Gandhi’s official tours, RTI activist Ramesh Verma has received some information about the money spent by Indian embassies on her foreign tours.
As per the information received through an RTI, Indian embassies spent about Rs 80 lakh on Sonia Gandhi’s seven foreign tours.

Ramesh Verma was able to dig up this information because his RTI application, seeking the details of expenses incurred on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign tours, was forwarded to the respective embassies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thereafter, some of the embassies revealed the information about the expenditure incurred by them during Sonia’s visit.

The expenses incurred by embassies at a glance:

1.    Johannesburg                                       :  Rs 14,06,650
2.    London (October 3, 2007)                      :  Rs 2,82,913
3.    London (15 to 20 March, 2011)               : RS 35,91,740
4.    Brussels (9 to 12 November, 2006)          : Rs 8,573
5.    Munich (8 to 10 June, 2007)                   : Rs 39,284
6.    Shanghai (October 29, 2007)                  :Rs 14,14,573
7.    Beijing  (7 to 9 August, 2008),                :Rs 12,57,793


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