Here are top five facts about ASTROSAT that everyone must know:

1. ASTROSAT is country's first dedicated astronomy mission which will provide an opportunity for the Indian astronomers to address some of the outstanding problems in modern astrophysics.

2. ASTROSAT weighs lighter than Hubble. It weighs 1,513 kg which is 10 times lighter than US owned Hubble. ASTROSAT costs around Rs 180 crore.

3. ASTROSAT has a life span of five years. ASTROSAT observes the universe through optical, ultraviolet, low and high energy X-ray components of the electromagnetic spectrum, whereas most other satellites observe through a narrow wavelength band.

4. First time, Indian rocket launched US satellites. This mission is big step towards Indo-US collaborations as it is the first time that US satellites were launched by an Indian rocket. A total of four US satellites were launched today.

5. India has become the fourth country to have its own space observatory after US, japan and Russia. India has joined the list of elite space observatory club. It is the first developing country to do so.

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