Here is a list of five criminals who took crime to another level.


Natwarlal aka Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava

Famous conman Natwarlal was an infamous thief. The master disguise used a number of aliases to cheat hundreds of businessmen and industrialists. He duped many people of crores of rupees by selling Taj Mahal, The Red Fort and President's House on the false signature of the then President Rajendra Prasad. Natwarlal forged Rajendra Prasad's signature. He used to give slip to the police.


Bunty Chor aka Devender Singh

Do you remember Abhay Doel starer  'oye lucky lucky oye'? The actor played the real life character of  Bunty Chor. Bunty would love to lead luxurious life especially owning expensive cars and watches. Bunty was reportedly involved in over 500 burglaries. He was also approached by the makers of TV reality show Bigg Boss.


The infamous robbers of Chelembra Bank

On the new year's eve of 2007, Chelembra branch of the Bank of Kerala found that it had been robbed with 80 kilograms of gold and Rs five lakh in cash.

The way these robbers carried off the wealth from the bank made jaws drop. The four members of the gang rented a restaurant below the second floor of the bank and dug in to the main vault from underneath on the name of renovation. In their confession to the police, the robbers said they got this idea from Bollywood movie Dhoom.


The Gohana Bank Robbery

The famous gospel 'history repeats itself' exactly fits into the Gohana bank robbery where a group of robbers dug a huge 84 foot long tunnel to reach the bank vault. They managed to whisk away 50 kgs of gold and around Rs four lakh in cash. Though they successfully befooled all the authorities. Later, they were arrested.

Rabinder Singh the unfaithful RAW agent

Rabinder Singh was the Joint Secretary in the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). His acts were brought under scrutiny after he was seen photo copying documents of his own work in 2004. He disappeared in the same year. Rabinder Singh had passed on country's secret information.

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