Not everything which is said about the food and its consumption is true to the core. We bring five myths, which hold no significance, related to our eating habits.

  • It is believed that one should drink eight glasses of water a day to stay fit and healthy. Nothing against the water but does the body really counts your glasses to stay fit? Not to forget, the water balance is being maintained as the food we consume has water in it too.
  • A pregnant woman is advised to drink lots of milk with 'kesar' (saffron) in it so that the child born is fair in colour. Well, the milk is good both for the child and the mother, but then the colour is decided by the genes and not by 'kesar'.
  • Another theory says that no 'two' animal proteins should be mixed and thus one should not consume milk immediately after eating fish. Some can even tell you about the consequences associated with it. To debunk the theory, no scientific reason supports this myth. In fact, some of the most delicious recipes combine the goodness of both fish and milk.
  • It is generally a tradition to eat fruits after  meal. Having a mango after dinner is what majority of people love to do. To go by the factual science, consumption of fruits right after the meal can cause digestive problems as well as hamper with the digestion of certain nutrients. It is thus advisable to wait for an hour after a heavy meal, before hogging on your favorite fruits.
  • It is generally advised that curd should not be taken at night specially if a person is suffering from cold. As per the doctors, there is nothing wrong in consuming curd at any hour of the day. In fact, curd kept at room temperature is good for people suffering from cold as it is a predigested food.


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