Here's a list of five foods you should avoid:


Pre-packed popcorn

Microwave popcorn as well as movie-theatre popcorn may be worse than bag of chips. They are fried in poor quality oils and laden with cheap butter-flavoured chemicals. Your beloved  easy to make microwave popcorn also contains high level of fats, salt and calories.

Fried Snacks

Fried food is extremely unhealthy and includes French fries, chicken nuggets and chips. Cooking foods at high temperatures in ordinary vegetable refined oils causes the formation of toxic compounds which also increases risk for stroke and heart diseases.


Sugary Breakfast Cereals

Packaged breakfast cereals are easy to eat for breakfast when you have no time to cook. They are also sold with the promise of being ‘multi-grain’, ‘full of fibre’ and ‘healthy’. With a high amount of sugar and gluten, these sugary breakfast cereals may affect the health cause gastric distress, skin breakouts and an expanding waistline.


Soda Drinks

All soda drinks are nothing but liquid candy. They have no nutritional value. These are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup with some artificial colouring. It not only damages our teeth, but also increases cholesterol. According to studies, they also weaken the bones. Avoid all soda drinks in your diet to remain fit.

Table Sauces

Though tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard sauce and packaged salad dressings certainly please your tastebuds, they may adversely affect your health because. The reason behind it is the stuffs don't require refrigeration and have a long shelf life.


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