It prevents wrinkles and other signs of ageing

The peels prevents breakdown of collagen in your skin, in turn promoting cell growth, which helps delay signs of ageing and wrinkles effectively.

Take two spoonfuls of sun-dried and powdered peel and add little milk to it. If you have oily skin, add rose water to the powder instead of milk and make a paste out of it.

 It acts as a natural moisturiser

Pomegranate peels are great for your skin. It hydrates and protects your skin from pollutants and other environmental toxins. It restores the pH balance of the skin.

Method: Grind sun-dried pomegranate peels in a mixer and empty the powder into a clean bowl. Make sufficient powder to last you for a week and store it in an airtight container.

 It acts as an effective facial scrub

Pomegranate peels can help in removing dead skin, black and white heads from your face when used in form of a facial scrub.

Method: Take two spoonfuls of sun-dried pomegranate powder and add one spoon of brown sugar to it. To make a paste, add one spoon of honey, one spoon of avocado oil or any essential oil of your choice and mix well.

It acts as natural sunscreen

Pomegranate peels also have sun-blocking agents in them that can save your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays which can go a long way in preventing skin cancer.

Method:  Make a powder with sun-dried pomegranate peels and store in an airtight container. Mix this powder with your lotion or cream, preferably 20 minutes before leaving the house.

It improves dental hygiene

Pomegranate peels can help deal with a host of dental problems like preventing bad breath, gingivitis, carries and mouth ulcers.

Method: In a glass of water, add one teaspoon of sun-dried pomegranate peel powder and mix well. Next, gargle with this mixture twice daily to get rid of bad breath.

How to make pomegranate powder

Take four to five pomegranate fruits and cut each fruit in four halves longitudinally. 

Remove all the seeds and separate the peels.

Further cut each peel into two halves.

With a knife peel the yellow portion just beneath the red skin in case you wish to use the peels for therapeutic purposes.

In a plate or dried cloth, place the peels and take care that they don’t overlap one another. Put them under direct contact of sunlight and allow them to dry.

In a clean glass airtight jar, store the powder. Remove required quantity of it as and when required.

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