Here, we bring you five interesting facts about our police:

Our moustache determines our pay scale

O really! Did it crease a frown upon your forehead? At few places in India, police officers mark an upper hand in the pay scale if they have a longer moustache. It is believed that a stretch of longer and denser hair beneath the nose earns respect and adds an aura of gravity.

Too much dust, let's wear khakhi

It all started in British era when the on duty cops got soaked in dust from all over the place. They decided to grade up their uniforms to a nice beige color which would camouflage the dirt to make them appear cleaner. And that was when the legacy of a khakhi uniform began...

'I feel so low'

Contrary to our belief of policemen as a repressive state apparatus are human beings who are constantly gripped in nauseating guilt and anxiety because of thrashing and winding rod at people everyday of their lives.

Less in number

Most of the policemen spend their time waiting for an appointment letters. This phenomenon in the system is the major plight for all those unappointed youths who want to come to the fore and serve the nation.

I may enter your apartment without a warrant

If there is a criminal hidden at the backdoor of any residential building, then a police officer need not waste time behind the proceedings. He may enter the premises without a warrant to nab the offender before it tries to slip off the clutch


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