Let us have a look at some of such motorized racing events:

Demolition derby
Although the rules of this game are variable, they basically revolve around the drivers slamming their cars into each other and trying to bring down their competitor by 'Demolishing' the vehicle. The last driver with an operational car on the track is declared winner.

Board racing
Standing true to its name, this is a sport where cars run on a wooden track. Formerly it was limited only to motorbikes and was later adapted for cars as well. This game was famous during 1920s but went out of trend because of the problems associated with the track which required high maintenance.

Time attack
Unlike other motor sports where cars compete against each other, in this game they compete against a clock. The car runs a preliminary circuit, then the timed lap, finally a cool-down lap. The time of all the cars is compared in the end and then the winner is declared.

Mud bogging
As the name suggests, this game requires the cars to cross a mud pit and the distance they travel is decides the winner. But if two or more cars travel the same amount of distance, time becomes the determining factor.

Street racing
This form of racing is illegal and unauthorized and can be spontaneous or well planned. The preparation of the game also includes spotting and staying away from local police stations to avoid being caught. This game is highly popular amongst youngsters and is looked down upon because of legal issues and safety concerns.

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