If pimples or acne is bothering you during winter then it is something that you should worry about. Get to know the reasons causing those zits and prevent your skin. Here, we sum up the factors that cause gaudy pimples or acne:

Anxiety and stress: If you are in stress, it can be visible on your face through pimples. Most of the skin diseases, including pimples, are caused due to stress in your daily life.

Dirt and dust: Even dirty pillows can cause hickeys. Dust gets into the pores of your skin, clogging it and causing tacky pimples.

Dandruff or greasy hair: Greasy hair is another factor that causes your skin grow pimples. A study suggests that if you have got oily hair then it can cause pimples over your face. The oil in hair has the ability to seep down onto your face, causing zits.

Oily skin: Oily skin is the major cause to have acne flare-ups. Oily skin has coarse pores and hence is prone to blackheads and zits.

Blood impurity: Pimples can also appear due to blood impurity. So, drink loads of water to purify your blood and stop getting pimples.