Here we tell what seven mistakes you make in your routine that harms your hair resulting into dry, brittle strands.

Steamy Showers
A warm shower might make you happy but your hair suffers its consequences. Steamy showers dehydrate the hair which leads to dry and brittle hair. Rinse your hair with the coolest temperature possible to avoid damage of hair from roots.

Hot styling tools

Hot styling tools damage the cuticle of your hair. The moisture balance of the hair gets affected and hair becomes more prone to breakage. While using your styling tools maintain the coolest temperature possible. Minimize the usage of the styling tools including the blow dryer. Also use a hair protection spray to protect the hair from scorching temperature.

Mishandling wet hair
Wet hair are very fragile and prone to breakage and special care should is required while managing them. Brushing your wet hair is the biggest mistake you commit. The other blunder is aggressive towel drying which makes ground for hair fall. You should avoid brushing or combing hair when the hair are wet rather comb it when they are dry. While using towel remember to bolt and not rub the hair.

Tight hairtyles
A tight ponytail or braid puts excessive tension on the hair follicles, damaging them and creating scars that destroy them permanently. Sporting such style may lead to traction alopecia, a condition that permanently weakens the follicle and makes it impossible for hair to grow. So do remember to loosen your hair whenever possible.

Skipping hair wash for long
The rat race life and busy schedule make it much more convenient to skip shampooing for long durations. Not rinsing your hair for long could be the real reason behind thinning of your hair. Excessive dandruff on the scalp begins to clog your hair follicles and making it difficult for the new hair to grow. Make it a point to wash your hair in every two days.

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