Let us have a look at the most dangerous sports around the world:

Bull Riding: Widely famous in USA, this game involves a rider to sit on back of a bull and control its movement while it tries to violently resist the action. Rider has to survive at least eight seconds on the bull to make it count as a qualified ride. This specific time span is called 'the most dangerous eight seconds in sports'.

Street Luge: Finding its roots in the sport of skateboarding, street luge requires the skater to lie on the board instead of standing on it. This inevitably increases the risk of getting injured as the lying position makes it difficult to judge the direction and look at any obstacle that might be in the way.

BASE Jumping: As the name suggests, this game involves jumping from a fixed structure which can include a building, antenna, span or Earth (cliff). It is considered to be more dangerous than skydiving because of the low altitude jumps. This sport is declared illegal in many countries including US.

Hoi Phet: Vietnamese version of hockey, this sport involves playing with a red ball on a sand dune. But unlike hockey, the rules of this game are not very strict and the players can hit anything that comes between him and the ball, which also includes other players. Most famous in Hien Quan, the villagers believe that New Year will bring them luck if they survive the game without getting their front tooth knocked.

WWE: Rightly named World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE is a cross between reality TV show and a wrestling competition. The matches do not even qualify as legitimate contests and are scripted for entertainment purposes. Although, the fighters go too far  sometimes and as a result there is high level violence which also includes hurling tables and chairs on each other sometimes.

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