If you think imported cookies, air conditioned rooms and regular parlour grooming of pets are 'too much', then wait till you see our list of expensive pet accessories in the world.

1. Dog Tiara, USD 4.2 Million: You read it right. A tiara for a dog and to add on to your surprise, a 'tiara for a male dog'. This exorbitant tiara is made 250 carats of jewelleries.

2. I Love Dogs Diamond Collar, USD 1.8 Million: Customized collars for your dogs are in trend but this one has gone way too beyond our imagination . This ' I Love Dogs' is studded with 1600 hand-set diamonds on 18 carat white gold attached to a crocodile leather collar. Wow!

3. Super Dog House with Plasma TV and Spa, USD 410, 825: Yes yes. This is a dog's house. With a 52 inch Plasma TV, temperature controlled spa, self cleaning food bowls and of course a  retina scan entry to keep other menial neighbourhood pets out, somebody has left no stones unturned to make his/her dog feel 'at home'.

4. Louis XV Pet Pavillion, USD 23,990: Not just fluffy blankets and old bedcovers but custom made royal bed for your pets are now available to make your pet feel like a king. Louis XV Pet Pavillion is a extravagant bed styled after an 18th century French Rosewood Commode. Not sure if you are ready to spend so much on your own bed.

5. Swarovski Studded Cat Flap, USD 1, 644: The designer aimed at making custom made entances for pets and this one will make your pet feel like a 'minor celebrity' in your house. Well, Swarovski crystals will make anybody feel like a celebrity.

Source: http:alux/incrediblethings

Arya Lakshmi/ JPN

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