Let us have a look at some of these fans who became popular for their patriotism:

Sudhir Gautam:

This ardent Sachin Tendulkar fan can be spotted even in the crowd because of his painted body, shaved head and the name of his God, Sachin Tendulkar written over his body. Sudhir, who was born in Bihar in 1981, initially used to work in a milk company and was trained as a teacher. His devotion for the game was such that he later became an unofficial part of the Indian team who started being funded by BCCI.

Chaudhry Abdul Jalil

One of the most dedicated fans of the Pakistan side, Abdul is so passionate about the game that his last name got changed to 'Cricket'. He has been following the team since the 80's when he used to drive a truck in UAE. Seeing his efforts, Pakistan's cricket body, PCB started sponsoring his trips in order to cheer the team.

Shoaib Al Bokhari

Painted like a tiger, Shoaib has been cheering Bangladesh team since nine years. He is a motor mechanic by profession who started being noticed when he became a constant appearance in every Bangladesh match. His side's comparatively better run in last one year has been a matter of great joy for a fan like him who had to return disappointed after every match.

N Sarvanan
India's most successful captain, MS Dhoni has a wide fan base which includes Sarvanan, who paints his body yellow and writes Dhoni's name and jersey number before every CSK match. He claims that he grew up as a Sachin Tendulkar fan but his attention turned towards Dhoni after the first Twenty20 World Cup in 2007, which India won against Pakistan.

Ram Babu

Ram is another MS Dhoni fan who follows him like a shadow wherever he goes. During one of the important tours of India, he got ill and the star captain himself rushed to the hospital and made sure that he got suitable medical aid by the Indian cricket team doctor.

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