Here, we bring you five must have things in your handbag before you leave your house:

Lip balm

Rosy soft lips is a compliment for every girl. But more then that it is important to have a healthy smile which only comes when your lips are bereft of any crack. To have this gloss throughout the day, you need to keep a stick of lip balm always in your bag.

Wet wipes

Be it summer or humid, winter or spring,  you are always surrounded by dust particles. This is a dangeourous evil which causes pimples and blackheads to pop up. A wipe not only rejuvinates your skin but also makes it feel lighter and refreshed like a quick face wash.

It is a good idea to have germs free hands before we dig our hands into interesting street food. Since we can't use a fork to have pani puri therefore we must make sure that our hands are well sanitized so that we enjoy savouring street delicacy without having to worry about germ intake. Besides, we usually tend to touch our face frequently which passes germs from hands to face causing skin problems.  


Eyes have much to say. Beautifully enhanced dark eyes are a lot more captivating. It speaks aloud of the way you carry yourself. It's the tale of your confidence. Therefore, it is essential to be particular about the way your eyes reflect. A stroke of kajal just makes this enigma bloom towards perfection. Why not have this magic wand for the whole day with ourselves!


Smart phones overflooded in the markets offer mesmerizing features but it usually becomes annoying when you need to make a phone call urgently and your battery goes on to sleep in the graveyard. A powerbank fuels up your phone only to make your life a lot more easier.


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