The believe on spirituality can be understood with the fact that in India, temples are the most common sights. There are many famous temples like Balaji temple, Vaishodevi temple, Kamakhya temple etc.

But outside India, temples are the most rare sight. They do exist in almost every country but still the kind of footfall one gets to see in the temples in India, especially during festivals, it’s nowhere else to be seen in the world.
But, there are some temples outside India that are very famous and known for different reasons, like grandeur, ancestry, architecture etc. Here are the list of the temples which one must visit during their aboard tour.

Angkor Wat (Angkor, Cambodia): Angkor Wat, a temple complex in Cambodia is the largest religious monument of the world. The country lies in the South-East Asia and ‘Angkor Wat’ is its prime tourist attraction so much so that one can see the image of it on the country’s flag also.

Pashupatinath Temple (Kathmandu, Nepal): It is the oldest Hindu temple of Kathmandu though it is still not clear when it was founded. There are many legends related to the foundation of the temple. However, its existence is yet to be confirmed.

Murugan Temple, Sydney, Australia: Murugan Temple situated on the Mays Hills of New South Wales of Sydney, Australia is one famous temples of Hindus. Lord Murugan is the Lord of Tamils. He is also known as the Lord of the hill region and his abode is usually located on hills.  In Sydney, the deity is also known as the ‘Sydney Murugan’.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Atlanta, USA): BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta is the sixth temple in the series of all the BAPS temples. It is a largest Hindu temple of its kinds outside India. There are several hand-carved stone spires on the structure. Some of them are as high as 75 feet.

Mother Temple of Besakih, Bali, Indonesia: Mother Temple of Besakih or ‘Pura Besakih’ is the most important, largest and holiest Hindu temple in Bali. It is an extensive complex of 23 distinct temples.