Here are five mysterious disappearances in Bermuda Triangle that will scare you:

  •  Ellen Austin a large American ship travelled frequently between New York and London. Once Ellen came across an empty vessel in Bermuda Triangle and sent a crew for scavenging but an unfortunate storm separated the crew from Ellen. Two days later, the ship carrying crew members was found empty and moving in the Bermuda Triangle.


  • USS Cyclops was a massive carrier ship that supplied fuel to the American fleet WWI. The ship has 309 people on board and stopped at Barbados before reaching Baltimore. The ship never reached Baltimore and huge crews were sent to find the debris but it was all in vain. Again in 1941, two more Cyclops disappeared along the same route.


  •  During December, 1948 a Douglas Dakota DC-3 airplane was heading to Miami from Puerto Rico. Before 20 minutes of its scheduled landing, the flight disappeared. 26 people on board, DC-3 airplane became the first Douglas Dakota aircraft to go missing in the Florida Keys. Since then, two more such flights disappeared.


  • USS Scorpion (SSN-589), a nuclear powered submarine of US Navy, disappeared in Bermuda Triangle in May 1968 and the ship was not even at war. The ship has been struck off from US Navy's list.


  •  One of the recent disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle was in 2008, when a British-Norman Islander with 16 people on board went off the radar after 35 minutes of its take off. US Coast Guard unsuccessfully launched a massive search to find the wreckage of the flight.


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