Dehradun: It won’t come as surprise if Dehradun will have 18 districts before the upcoming Assembly election. The ruling BJP government is busy wooing its voters by proposing to add more districts and commissionary in the state.

However, formation of administrative wings has been stopped due to the ongoing census programme in the country which would end on March, 31. After this there will be a picture on formation of new districts in the state. The announcement may even come before the elections.

The demand for creation new districts, including Kotdwar, Kashipur, Ranikhot, Pulora, Didihat have been raised since long. Not only this, but there has been demand for new districts in the state, including Ghumakot, Ramnagar, Bardkot, Birenkhal, Roorkee in past few months is still pending.

According to sources, districts like Podhi Gardwal, Udham Singh Nagar, Almora, Uttarkashi, Pithoragarh will be divided to make new districts.

Along with new districts, formation of new commissionary is also in pipeline. If everything falls in place, commissionary like Kumaon and Garhwal will be divided into two parts. If sources are to be believed, the decision of district formation has already been taken on political level but it would take some time to get implemented on the administrative level.

However, the government is trying to score political points by creating new districts and eying to take advantage of it in the forthcoming elections. But the flip side of the move is also being taken very seriously.

Some speculate that ruling party might be benefitted in the newly formed districts while the decision may backfire in those areas where the pleas of a new district were not approved.

JPN/ Bureau