The bunch of firecrackers that are seen everywhere in Diwali deeply harm the environment. The chemicals released from crackers like  barium, rubidium, strontium and many more end up decomposing in the soil and water bodies, as a result they cause highly dangerous hazards to human and animal health. Mind it that these effects are long lasting.

One major reason to say a big 'no' to crackers is the presence of Nitrogen Oxide in firecrackers. Many people know that Nitrogen Oxide actually causes skin irritations in children and adults. With this, the smoke and pollution released from crackers can cause rashes and inflammations especially if your skin is a sensitive one.

Do you even know that apart from harming the environmental miserably, crackers create noise pollution that can cause severe heart diseases, lack of sleep and even increases the risk of heart attack by 30 percent, states a study of World Health Organisation.  So a strong reason for you to avoid burning crackers.

Well, these crackers even harm your pets. The people who own pets can better understand that the fear of fireworks in Diwali is the biggest phobia for their pets. The pets get upset and frightened with the bombarding sounds of crackers. If you carry a loving heart, surely you can't do this to your pets.

Firecrackers are highly dangerous and very risky. Every year, they cause innumerable burn injuries, reported deaths and fire incidents happening all around. Well, keeping this in mind the government sets up different disaster management protocols to safeguard people and keep a check on all such causalities.


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