An online platform for tours and activities, has found that one in four couples argue almost four hours daily while holidaying, reports a website.

Here are the five basic reasons why partners end up arguing:

* Queuing: If you have picked a time of year when everyone else wants or can be on holiday - you have to expect queues. You start bickering over why you picked the time of year you did, why you picked today of all days to go to this attraction and why you didn’t get up early?

* Living up to expectations: While you are sat on the place with nothing to do but think; the anxiety of picking the right destination, hotel and package are all swimming through your mind and it all comes out at the other end. If you feel like it’s not everything you hoped it would, you blame the nearest and dearest to you.

* Getting lost: All you have on holiday is a shoddy grasp of the language, a useless map and wild gesturing to get your through now - so you turn to each other because you can’t find anyone else to complain to.

* Money: You worry if you will have enough to get you through - even though you have saved religiously for the last year to ensure that you will have the funds. If you partner starts spending frivolously - this can cause friction.

* Deciding on activities: You can barely agree on a movie to watch when you are at home - so choosing a daily activity is a supremely difficult activity. If it’s bad - the chooser is the blamed party.


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