Here we have listed some simple home remedies to keep your skin healthy and glowing during summers:

1. Water therapy:

Water is the best therapy for your skin. During summers, consume a lot of fluids such as coconut water, green tea, buttermilk or just plain water to keep the body cool and hydrated. Fluids also help to detoxify the skin which in turn make it more soft and clear.

2. Proper food intake:

Taking healthy and nutritious diet is the best rule for glowing skin. Do not consume too much of snacks, fast-foods, and salty products as they can dehydrate your body. Green vegetables and high water content fruits like watermelon, oranges and cucumber help in improving the immune system and reduce stress levels in the body.

3. Cleansing:

Clean your skin thoroughly twice a day with a good cleanser. You can prepare natural and effective cleansers at home as well. Plain yoghurt, when mixed with honey, can  work as a good cleansing agent and nourish your skin.

4. Exercise:

Take out time to do some yoga and exercises out of your busy schedule to beat the stress as stress shows clearly on the skin. If this is not possible then you should walk as much you can. This will help in losing extra pounds and get a healthy skin tone.

5. Steam therapy:

Steam therapy once a week helps in removing the dirt and grease accumulated on the skin. Steaming helps to make the skin clearer and softer by opening up the pores and works well on all skin types.

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