Sprout chat


Sprout contains not only higher fibre but also iron rich formula for healthy hair and skin. Sprout chat is magic in a bowl with amazing combination of black peas, pomegranate, a pinch of black salt, black pepper and some chat masala thrown in. It counts in as a healthy as well as a tasty breakfast.

Salad sandwich


A bulb of boiled egg along with a couple of cucumber slices squeezed between a pair of raw or roasted wheat bread is a healthy appetizer to be relied upon  for all times. You are free to generously stuff veggies you love. Corns, bell peppers,onions and carrots are some vegetables which compliment this preparation the most.



The only meal which harmonizes with everybody's choice. It offers a flexible taste depending on what you choose. You may boil it in a cup of milk with a little sugar to sweeten it or may always whistle it up in a pressure cooker with variety of veggies thrown in abundantly. And salt of course! Both ways you can slurp it up and it will take care of your health.

Jumbo fruit bowl


Copious amount of colorful fruits are always refreshing and fun to plunge onto. There are always ways to make it more interesting. A teaspoon of honey with a scoop of yogurt and some dry fruits to add on to the munch is all that would heap you up a jar of good great happy 'jumbo fruit bowl'.



It is a gram flour extensively used in the state of Bihar. A spoonful or two of it mixed in a glass of water in addition to a few drops of lemon, a pinch each of salt and pepper makes a savory drink. It can also be beaten into a soft sweetened dough by adding some sugar. This preparation is not only super tasty and easy but also keeps your intestine healthy. It helps in digestion, flushes out any extra and unwanted oil from the body keeping it cool and energized.


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