Here are the five things you must know about September borns:

They are unbeatable when it comes to rationality. These intellectual creatures 'think' and they do this a lot. This is one reason why most Liberians are born writers. They wisely bifurcate their responsibilities and pleasure.

September borns are true lovers. If your partner is also a Libra, do trust him/her. They are pro pacifists and are the happiest when in a relationship. Their style of  expressing love is not highly extrovert rather they tend to muffle their feeling. But they exist and surely do.

Teaching, preaching and law are their ultimate forte. Their mindfulness makes them excel in these fields.

Beauty is one thing very close to their hearts. They appreciate anything beautiful with great sincerity. They love to travel. If you take your Libra partner to a picturesque place, you have maximum chance to hold best of romantic conversations with him/her.

They have spiritual gifts besides a rational mind. They create a positive aura around. A little painting, a nice cup of  tea or simply walking barefoot on the grass may give them happiness.


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