Here are five things you must know about living in space:

1. Space sickness: Almost all the astronauts suffer space sickness at least for a minimum of 2-3 days mainly because of absence of gravity. Nausea, headache and the most common symptoms are space sickness and they mainly get used to floating.

2. Toilet: So, how do astronauts go to toilet in zero gravity? As there is no gravity, the liquids go upward and astronauts suffer constipation. Also the space toilets are very expensive as they suck the excrement into a container and there is a special tube for urination.

3. Spacesuit: So, is it just spacesuits that the astronauts wear? There is very less going out for astronauts and interior of the space shuttle is very clean. A spacesuit normally weighs around 270 pounds ( in gravity) and takes 45 minutes to be worn completely. But still, they change clothes in almost every three days.

4. 16 sunrise and sunset: People in the space centre actually witness 16 sunrises and sunsets in 24 hours. The International Space Centre takes 92 minutes to circle the earth and hence the cosmonauts can actually witness so many sunrise and sunsets.

5. Wastage of bone mass: As there is no gravity, there will be minimum exertion and both bones and muscles begin to waste. According to a report, astronauts lose around 2 percent of their bone mass each month they stay in space. Hence, the astronauts have to exercise daily on a  treadmill, bicycle and a machine that simulate weightlifting.

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