To make your eyes more beautiful, here are five perfect tips for long lasting eye makeup.

1. Oil-free moisturizer

Eyelids are oily. If you apply normal moisturizer, they will leave the face with colored shade spots everywhere. It is very important to apply an oil-free moisturizer otherwise the eye makeup will certainly slip off . Use eye cream before going to bed and make sure you wash the eyes perfectly in the morning so that you start with a clean eyelid slate.

2. Don't prime your eyelids with concealer

Generally, girls use concealer and foundation around their eyelids. This is the biggest myth they follow. Concealer contains oil that makes your eye makeup to move around which you must avoid. You should rather keep it natural and avoid applying concealer.

3. Sweep on little powder

Gently apply powder on eyelids to check oil level. But make sure you buy a good quality powder. The newest ones are with micro particles with a tinge of shimmer to keep you blend.

4. White eyeliner

Using a white eyeliner on lower lashline makes your eyes look larger and brighter. Use smudge proof eyeliner and keep fixing it once you feel that it's out of shape.

5. Seal your makeup with spray

It's very important to give final touch to your makeup which most of us generally miss. A finishing spray would do wonders and give you desired radiant skin. Spray from a distance of one foot and be carefree for the whole day. Ensure that your makeup is hassle free.


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