Whatever the reason of the split be, breakup of a long-term, committed relationship can turn your whole world upside down. Love relationships which start with mutual attraction and peripheral understanding are meant to be nurtured every day.

If you have a broken relationship and want to mend it now, read the following tips which might help you fix the things.

Realise the reason behind breakup:
Analyze the root cause of the breakup. Understand the point where things went wrong. Realizing the reason of breakup helps partners to give the relationship a fresh start.

Learn to forgive:
Set your egos aside and learn to forgive  each other. Forgiveness has magic and promise of not repeating the same mistake again can be a key to reunion.

Start afresh:
Renew your commitment and start afresh.  Do not repeat the past mistakes and keep the commitments consistent once you start new.

Be ready to change:
Rather than desiring to change your partner, try to bring changes in you. Change in a way that help you make your relationship better and resolve any issue if it crops up between you two.

Bridge the communication gap:

The more you communicate with your partner the more you develop understanding for each other. Try to foster love and compassion in your words rather than always being critical and logical.

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