While it's the photographer's responsibility to capture you in your most flattering light, there are little tips and tricks that you and your groom can employ to get the best photos.

  • Relax and release tension: Before posing for portraits, roll your shoulders a few times to release tension. It will make you look at lot more relaxed in the pictures. Close your eyes, let your lips fall back into place and relax your face. Don’t hesitate to ask the photographer to count out loud while your eyes are closed. On three, open them and turn on that winning grin.


  • Candid shots: Make sure your photographer is on the lookout for fantastic candid wedding shots. These are usually where the true gems emerge, because the photos aren’t fake. They’re genuine and really capture the joy and beauty of the day.



  • Learn to strike a pose: It is not a difficult task to strike the best poses in front of the camera. The only things required are confidence and good postures. Always strike a side pose, exposing only three fourth of your body to look slim in your photographs. Also, never stare directly into the camera or you may end up with photos where your eyes are half shut or closed. Keep your belly in, stand erect and straighten your spine and shoulder, while getting a picture clicked. An expert also suggests to stand with your hips rotated 45 degrees away from the camera. Put your weight on your back foot. Elongate your other leg and cross it in front, with the foot pointed toward the camera. Bend the knee a bit so you don't lock up or look stiff. Feel free to put a hand on your hip.


  • Wear right make-up: If you want to look fantastic in your pictures, you need to make sure your makeup is appropriate. Makeup can either make or break your perfect shots. If you’ll be taking indoor shots under plenty of lighting, you will need to have stronger makeup – more blush, eyeliner and mascara than you would probably wear on a normal day. If, however, your photos will be outdoors, you will want to go lighter on the makeup, Brides must always go easy on wearing a foundation as its extra shine effect can ruin their wedding pictures. Also foundation and powder give a “caky” look.

  • Smile please: Its true that getting clicked for hours on your wedding day can be exhausting. In this case smile can become the best tool to hide that tiredness. While standing in front of a camera, keep thinking about those special moments you have had with your husband, and a beautiful smile will automatically light up your face.


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