1. Go for water proof products: Make sure all your makeup products are waterproof. Though many ladies are not fond of using waterproof makeup because of the difficult removal process, this is one way to make sure your makeup doesn’t budge. To make things easier, find a waterproof makeup remover so that the process is less frustrating.

2. Carry a Mattifying Product: Powder mattifies on its own, but if you get a mattifying powder, you double your odds at smudge-proof makeup. Sweep the powder over your face to set your foundation, leaving skin looking flawless.

3. Gently rub an ice cube on your face: Rubbing ice cube on you face and neck before applying makeup tightens the pores and control sebum secretion. This will help the makeup set better. You can also apply a frozen cube of rose water and cucumber juice on your under-eye area to reduce dark circles.


4. Avoid using oil-based products: Instead of oil-based products, opt for mineral or water-based­products. If possible, skip foundation and use only concealer. Make sure to seal your makeup with pressed powder to avoid it from­running and avoid oil patches.    

5. Blot Your Lipstick: Once you’ve applied a coat of lipstick, use a tissue to blot lips. Gently press your lips against the tissue, removing any oil from the product and giving your color staying power.


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