Here are five gift ideas for the special girl in your life:


Miss Fashionista

Life is boring without blush, a little flutter of glossed lips and magical blue eyes. For these gorgeous  ladies for whom life is not so good without bubbled up colors and bling to sparkle up each day, a basket of her favorite products will work wonders to brighten her mood.

Miss book worm


For every book lover, the smell of crispy new leaves of a novel is hypnotizing. These high spectacles book lovers lives a new life with new book. Therefore, with undisputed conviction, a stack of her favorite writers will make you her favorite boy.

Miss health conscious

'health is wealth' is her only mantra. From disciplined workouts to balanced diet, she wont budge an inch at the cost of her health. She is upright, vigorous and full of energy. For these health conscious senoritas, a workout mat of her favorite color will plant a smile on her face everytime she would spread it for a round of exercise.

Miss food lover

Candies of her eyes goes twirled around with the savory aroma of good food and molten chocolate. The best way to pamper this sweet and sour girlfriend of yours is to gift her a box of chocolate and a nice evening date at her favorite restaurant.

Miss music maniac

Music manics are seen tapping their feet at every possible place, even when they sing a song in their mind. Music stays with them at every emotional  turn, at every age. Its not only their life but also an inspiration and an essence to add a hue in the skies of their lives. For these nightingales, a new mp3 player will scale up the chords of their happiness.


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