Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a home screen replacement for Android that's extremely simple to navigate, and it comes with a bunch of themes that give your home screen a whole new look. Swiping up from the bottom launches the app menu, and you can press and hold


FoxFi is a free Android app that lets you use your phone as a hotspot without having to pay the extra fee from carriers for a tethering plan. It just takes data from whichever plan you've paid for from your carrier.


EverythingMe is the app launcher for people who want to stay organized. The launcher comes with a universal search engine and automatically sorts apps into designated folders.

Sliding Explorer

Sliding Explorer has been noted by both PCMag and Infoworld as being among the best file explorers out there. A file explorer is an app that lets you access files stored on your phone's SD card the same way you would a computer.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another great file explorer for Android. Like Sliding Explorer, it lets you control your Android phone the same way you would navigate a PC.