In this connection, let us have a look at video games which make you a smarter person:

Arguably one of the most famous video games around the world, 'Civilization' allows you to make your own strategies and become the ruler of the world. The game starts with early man stage and proceeds to space age. This process involves politics, war and other aspects of an actual human society which helps the player to polish his/her interpersonal skills.

Call of Duty
This is another game which is extremely popular among the people. The game is set in an imaginary future war zone where the arsenal is highly developed. This game is proven to increase the hand-eye co-ordination among the players, apart from giving them a better vision.

This game is an intersection of strategy and shooter games. It falls under the category of action role play where every player chooses a character and tries to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo by acquiring weapons, trading them and using other tactics. This makes the players better at strategizing and is exciting at the same time.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

This is a simulation game which aims to teach the player how to fly plains and other navigation skills. Flight Simulator X provides the players a real-world experience while being totally safe.

Cut The Rope
Falling under the category of puzzle games, 'Cut The Rope' increases spontaneity and problem solving skills in the players. The game requires he player to feed On Nom candies by manipulating hurdles which come in the way.

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