1) Choose specific day: Start your resolution in a well planned way and hence choose a particular day to begin. It is advised to not quit smoking during holiday periods or at a time when you can expect a lot of additional stress.

2) Seek support: Pick a date on your calendar, and let family and close friends know about your quit-smoking day. Ask your friends who still smoke not to do so in front you when you are trying to ditch smoking.

3) Medication: It can really help to achieve your goal. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medication really help smokers quit. In order to get good results, you need to use them correctly and follow all the directions.

4) Follow healthy lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle is a key to success. A good diet and an exercise regimen can keep your mind off cravings and help you quitting smoking.

5) Keep reminding yourself: Making resolution is easy but sticking to it quite difficult. When you feel that your resolve is weakening, remind yourself of all the benefits of not smoking.