Let us have a look at five such player-specific shots which have been a big source of entertainment for the cricket fans:

Helicopter shot: Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Exclusive to Indian ODI captain, this shot requires a batsman to move his back hand like the hands of a helicopter and use just his wrist to flick the ball towards mid-wicket region.

Dilscoop: Tilakratne Dilshan
As the name suggests, 'Dilscoop' is Tilakratne Dishan's speciality. This shot involves using the bat as a ramp to flick the ball backwards over the batsman's shoulder in the fine leg region. Known to be risky and unorthodox, this shot is devastating for the bowler if executed well.

Switch Hit: Kevin Pieterson
One of the most interesting of all the shots, 'Switch Hit' is played the most by Kevin Pieterson. In this shot, the batsman stuns the bowler from left-handed to right-handed or vice versa during his run up and hits the bowl in the cover region.

Upper Cut Shot: Virender Sehwag
This shot is played on an extra bounced delivery and towards the off-stump. Commonly associated with Virender Sehwag, upper cut was commonly played by Sachin Tendulkar as well.

Look Away Shot: Glenn Maxwell
Maxwell went on to clarify that the name of this shot  is 'back away, look away, deliberate cut through point'. Played for the fist time against Pakistan pacer Wahab Riaz delivery, this shot requires the batsman to look away and used the strength of his arms to slap the ball awkwardly past the point fielder.

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