Zhang Yonghui, the person in charge of the aviation club where Duoduo learned flying, said that the distance of the flight was 30 km.  He Liesheng, the boy's father, said that he wanted his son to become braver by flying a plane and also develop his curiosity and desire to explore.

The boy earlier sparked a fury in 2012 when a video of him running half naked in the snow went viral on the internet. The video was shot by his family in New York at minus 13 degrees Celsius.

The boy has also sailed a yacht in an international competition and climbed the Fujiyama Mountain in Japan during a rainstorm, media reports said.

Duoduo's father was nicknamed ‘Eagle Dad’ because of his strict parenting methods and has prompted debates over his style of parenting.

"He's education style is worth learning, but not every child is suitable for it," Gu Li, the director of a learning research centre in Nanjing, said.

Sun Yunxiao, deputy director of the China Youth and Children Research Centre, said that if the boy had encountered problems, it could have impacted his entire life."We should not force children to do what they are not able to do. Children can benefit more from playing with toys or mud than flying a plane," he said.


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