New Delhi: The postmortem report of Anuradha Bali alias Fiza Mohammed, the ex wife of former Haryana deputy Chief Minister Chander Mohan revealed no sign of outer injuries on her body. Her visra report has been sent for probing. The report can give the clue of her death.

Fiza Mohammed was found mysteriously dead at his residence in Mohali on Monday. According to the police, Fiza died four-five days ago. Her highly decomposed body was found in her bedroom. At the incident spot, the body was stinking. Fiza stayed alone at her residence.

Fiza had slipped into depression due to her fallout with Chander Mohan. She did not share good relation with her neighbours.

During the probe, police found no evidence of any scuffle in her bedroom where her decomposed body was found and also no suicide note has been recovered. An empty glass and a packet of cigarette have been found at the spot.

Police received complaint of foul smell coming out from Fiza’s residence on Monday which created suspicion. Fiza had made last call from her mobile to her uncle Satpal but she didn’t able to talk to him.


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