Ahmednagar (Maharasthra), Jan 23 (Agencies): Police and railway officials hoodwinked Bharatiya Janata Party activists headed to Jammu and Kashmir for the Republic Day flag hoisting and shunted their special train back to Karnataka on Sunday.

Karnataka Express going from Bangalore to Delhi with 18 bogies filled with Karnataka BJP youth wing workers, who were heading to Jammu to participate in the Tiranga Yatra, was stopped on Sunday at Ahmednagar's Sarola station.

The police, CRPF jawans and the rail police created a black out and removed the front engine, placing it at the back. They also attached 2 more bogies, filled with over 1500 police jawans at 1.30 am.

All this while, the BJP workers sitting inside the train had no idea what was going on. The police then diverted the train back to Bangalore.

Meanwhile, the BJP workers realised what was happening and halted the train at Nagansur station, on the border of Bangalore and Maharashtra.

Now the train is halted there, which has caused delay in the movement of two other trains that were supposed to travel by that area.

The central government and Jammu and Kashmir government have declared that no workers from any other state will be allowed to attend the 26th Jan Tiranga Yatra.