Particularly heavy rain accompanying Typhoon Goni battered the Rason special economic zone where the borders of North Korea, Russia and China converge, the IFRC said in a statement.

The floods affected more than 11,000 people, with 153 houses completely destroyed and 849 houses damaged, it said, adding its report was based on information provided by North Korean authorities.
The federation said the North's Red Cross Society had quickly sent an 80-member team to assist evacuation and hand out non-food relief goods in cooperation with IFRC officials.
"More rain is forecast in (North Korea) and many disaster-prone areas in other provinces are likely to be affected," Khaled Masud Ahmed, a IFRC disaster management delegate in North Korea, said in the statement.
The local news agency confirmed heavy rain caused 40 'human casualties' in Rason and inundated large swathes of farmland.


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