Mumbai, Jan 07 (Agencies): The interbank call money rate for three-day loans, at 6.30-6.40 per cent on Friday, was unchanged from Thursday's levels for one-day loans because banks' borrowings were largely similar to that seen earlier this week, dealers said.

CBLOs were dealt at weighted average rate of 6.21 per cent against 6.20 per cent on Thursday.

The overnight rate, however, remained above the Reserve Bank of India's repo rate as liquidity stayed tight.

Nevertheless, the spread between the overnight rate and the repo rate has reduced to 10-15 basis points this week owing to improved liquidity conditions.

"There has been some government spending and this has reflected in call rate and the repo bids as well," said a dealer with a state-owned bank.

Banks' borrowings from the RBI's repo tenders have also declined this week from the over 1-trln-rupee mark seen since December.

On Friday, the central bank may infuse 600-700 billion rupees versus 596 billlion rupees on Thursday, dealers said.

Intraday, some call money deals could also be struck around the repo rate, currently at 6.25 per cent, as demand is expected to fade towards close.