Whether a bold statement or an otherwise subtle outlook, ruffles are everywhere, be it tops and skirts, dresses, handbags or shoes. Here's how you can make the look a killer.

A ruffled blouse can add femininity to a business suit the same way as a ruffled scarf would add that extra zing and dimension to a shift dress. Ruffles go beyond the boundaries of time and increase one's feminine factor exponentially. Ruffles worn in the right way are so in and can never be termed girly.

Who Can Wear Ruffles?

Ruffles are a great way to add some width, so if you are on the heavier side, avoid ruffling it up. But some ruffles on the shoulders can balance out bigger hips and vice versa, giving you the vintage look in the process.

Ruffles on the top half

Women with a bigger bust line need to avoid wearing ruffles in that area whereas the same can add volume and shape to a smaller bust in turn giving a very pretty look.

Ruffles on the bottom half

If you have always been on the slimmer side and not too big on the hips region as well, then ruffles can give you a wider look. Long skirts with ruffles create an illusion of a broader look.

Ruffles here and there

If you just want to add a hint of ruffles to avoid going over the top then pick the shoulder region. Puffed sleeves add width to the shoulders and help in balancing out the lower half of the body. Slim hips acquire the much-needed volume with a tiered ruffle skirt. Narrow shoulders look broad with a ruffled boat-neck top.

Ruffles on accessories

Ruffles these days are just not concentrated only to the clothes. Even your bags, scarves, shoes and jewellery can sport ruffles in turn adding a flavour to the trend. Similarly, the ruffles in themselves are a style statement so you don't have to fuss too much with the hair. Just make sure you don't tussle them too much. Girl- ruffles on your clothing and accessories are enough, you don't need it in your hair!

Everyone can wear ruffles. It just depends on how well you do it so that it adds to your fashion statement.

Courtesy: Mid-day.com