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Right diet for lustrous hair

The secrets of good hair and glowing skin are not present in your make-up case; it depends on your diets.  May be this fact knocks your socks off, but yes it’s true, the secrets of your beautiful hair lie upon everything what you put in your mouth. Here dietitian Isha Khosla and beauty expert Shehnaz Hussain explain you the right diets for your beautiful luscious locks.

Common yet healthy foods like nuts, eggs and milk can do wonder on your skin and hair as well.


You can get silky and healthy tresses with this magical drink. Even you can treat your dull, frizzy hair with milk. Hair is made of protein. Milk is the rich source of it.  To make your hair healthy and strong, regular milk intake is very necessary. Milk contains lots of minerals like fat, carbohydrate and vitamins. It contains vitamins like foliate, B6 and biotin which are very important for your hair growth. Milk also contains calcium, iron, zinc which strengthen the hair root. People, who are weight conscious, must use low fat milk regularly. You can also apply milk on your hair. In fact, you can use milk as a hair mask by mixing fenugreek seeds and honey with it.

Olive oil:

Olive oil contains vitamin A, B, C, D and E. It is good source of iron. It contains optimum amount of anti-oxidant. It has nourishing, mousterising and conditioning properties, which help to maintain the softness, shine and strength of your hair. It is a rich source of Omega-9, fatty acid and Oleic acid. You can use it as a hot oil massage or nourishing hair mask. Few drops of olive oil are sufficient to turn your dry, frizzy and detangled hair into soft, shiny and manageable. Apply olive oil with egg yolk; it will give your hair sparkling shine and strength.


An egg a day keeps your all ailments at bay. Yes it’s true; eggs are rich source of proteins and essential amino acids. It contains high sulphar, vitamin (A, D and E) and minerals, which are very much important for your hair health. Its proteins and lecithin strengthen your hair follicles and stave off your hair fall woes. Eggs give shine, volume and texture to your hair. You can prepare a hair mask by adding egg white, olive oil, lemon juice and avocado together. Egg yolk contains rich nutritional elements which protect your hair from UV rays and pollutions.


Honey has been using for many ailments and weight loss plans. According to beauty and hair expert Shehnazz Hussain, honey contained with iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B and C, enzymes and amino acid, which are good for health and they can enhance your beauty also. It works as a natural mousteriser for your skin and hair. Honey is not a bleaching agent so feel free to use it on your hair as a hair mask. Honey can make your hair soft, shiny and healthy.


Almonds are gift of nature for your hair. It is full of iron, copper, phosphorus, vitamin B1 and proteins. It enhances your hemoglobin level and develops new cells. To make your hair long and strong, apply 2-3 teaspoon almond oil with almond milk on your scalp. Almond can also protect your hair from UV rays and pollutions. Lack of zinc is the most important reason behind hair fall problems and almonds are rich source of zinc. Eat water soaked almonds after peeling its cover, it will give extra shine and sparkle to your hair and skin as well.

Sweet neem:

Sweet neem is always used in vegetables, but it is also beneficial for your hair. It contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B9 and C. Besides this, it also contains calcium, iron and phosphorus. Sweet neem helps to make your hair blacken and shinier. Take 10-15 almonds and 10-15 sweet neem. Make a paste from it and apply it on your scalp. Massage your scalp for 5 minutes and wash your hair with any good mild shampoo. Apply it once in a week and you can see the difference.    

Courtesy: Sakhi (Illa Shrivastava)


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