Mumbai: ‘Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi’ star Chitrangada Singh has mesmerized many with her stunning looks and talent but what captivates the ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ actress? What sets her heart racing? She gives in to this secret and lot more in an interview with 'Dilli Desire'.

Her ‘dil’ does ‘dhak dhak’ for Delhi. Mumbai may be her workplace but Delhi is where her heart is. Chitrangada Singh is one of those who have fallen in love with this magnificent city. The power house actress shifted to Mumbai to grab a strong foothold in the tinsel town but she misses Delhi a lot.

Though she has bought a home in Mumbai but while pursuing her acting career in ‘Bollywood’ she stills carries the flavour of Delhi in her heart.

Life in a metro:

It seems that now-a-days Bollywood directors have shifted their focus towards Delhi. Movies like ‘Delhi6’, ‘No one killed Jessica’ are solely based on Delhi.

On asking Chitrangada about the recent Delhi fetish of Bollywood directors the sexy lass said,“The unique flavour of Delhi makes it a hot favourite among the directors. Take the example of Chandi Chowk and Lal Qilla, the two most famous historical places in Delhi. These two places have their own distinctive features which add an extra dash of spice to the charm of Delhi. Delhi is my darling. I am just in love with it.”

Extreme nature:

There is always a dark area under the light and Delhi is no exception. It is also known as the ‘crime capital’. On mentioning this, she dispelled Delhi’s negative or dark image, “I do not totally agree with this. For me it is a run of the mill talk.” She added, “I do not know if this extreme nature of Delhi attracts the directors but what attracts the common people to Delhi is its exclusive nature.”

Capital crazy:
Chitrangada admits that she is a capital crazy person. On asking about her memories of her favourite city Delhi she said, “Delhi is my hot favourite.

I spent so many years in this city. Starting from markets, shops to food plazas here, everything fascinates me.”

Lastly she added, “One of the most important reasons of my Delhi to love it is that I have my own home in the capital. I feel connected to this city. Delhi is a cultural hub also.”
“Are not these reasons enough to fall in love with this city? What more should I say?” she summed up with a dazzling smile.

JPN/ Delhi Desire