Smirnoff, one of the largest vodka brand in the world, brings you 5 vodka trends with new age mixes:

Popsicles: Mix 30 ml Smirnoff orange vodka with 90ml tonic water and evenly pour it into popsicle trays or cups. Insert a popsicle stick and leave it to freeze overnight.

Tabasco and Dark Chocolate: Take 30 ml Smirnoff Black with ice and a dash of tabasco and dark chocolate. The boldness and smoothness will leave you asking for more.

Vanilla and Vodka Cupcakes: Yes, you read that right. Cupcakes may have been the rage when it comes to food trends, but now vodka-infused cupcakes are the next big thing. Try making vanilla cupcakes by replacing one out of two teaspoons of vanilla extract with Smirnoff vodka.

Pani puri: Vodka pani puri is Mumbai's street staple with a twist. Add Smirnoff classic vodka to the spicy pani puri water, and you have a zesty snack-cum-drink waiting to be devoured. Add 30 ml vodka to 250 ml of pani puri water. This provides 10 pani puris and serves 2.

Penne ala Vodka Sauce: A smooth, creamy sauce made with tomatoes, cream, and a splash of vodka - Vodka sauce is becoming increasingly popular. So if you're planning on whipping up a good meal for an evening in, be sure to add some Smirnoff vodka to your pasta for sharp taste and a touch of heat.


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