The Supreme Court verdict on allocation of 2G spectrum has forced the government to rethink on its policy of ‘first come first served’. The government should have long before charted out a plan on how and where to apply this policy. The UPA had very early come to know that A Raja was misusing the policy for his gains. The Ashok Chawla report on the allocation of 2G spectrum too indicated that this policy was flawed and a rethink by the government was needed. Surprisingly, a Group of Ministers (GoM) was constituted to look into the suggestions made in the report but the GoM failed to reach at any conclusion so far. When will the government understand that Committees and GoMs will not solve their problems? The fact remains that these Committees and GoMs are working at a snail’s pace. Many a times, ministers do not turn up for the meeting thus delaying the entire process of investigation. There isn’t a hint of doubt that most of the GoMs are headed by Pranab Mukherjee. If the Finance Minister spends most of his time heading the GoMs, will he be able to do justice to the core responsibility he is entrusted with? More so because the world has begun to realise that important financial matters in India are in the doldrums.

If the government does not find a solution to the uncertainty over the spectrum policy of first come first served, then tough times awaits the Centre in the future. The Centre should also keep this in mind that many mining related works have been affected due to corruption and irregularities. Production of minerals has been severely affected. The main reason for this is lack of a proper policy for mining leases. The Supreme Court has held the policy of first come first served to be faulty and that it only benefits the corrupt; therefore such policies should not be applied to matters affecting the people. Sometimes projects related to the common man should not merely become a tool for generating revenue.  The government’s approach to matters relating to public interest has been lackadaisical but with the Supreme Court’s order that policy based decisions of the government can be reviewed should alert the people sitting at the helm of affairs. The 2G allocation was said to be done in the interest of the people but we all know that it turned out benefiting selected few. The Centre must realize that corruption and scams happen only due to lack of clarity in policies.