"The popular mood in West Bengal is building up to oust the TMC from power. We will take that into account and decide our electoral politics. Electoral tactics are not decided in the Plenum. It is for the state committees to take a call and then it is placed before the Central Committee and Politburo for approval," Karat said while addressing a press conference on the fourth day of the party's Plenum.
When asked why the party leadership was not candid on a 'yes' or 'no' regarding alliance with Congress in Bengal, Karat said, "There can't be just yes and no in politics. The state committee will discuss it and the final decision in this regard is expected within the next 4-6 weeks."
On the flexibility quotient in CPI(M)'s political line, the former party general secretary said, "Flexibility tactics is there in a context. Flexibility tactics is always there as our tactics has to be flexible to prepare for any new political situation that is arising."


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