In this role, Chaudhury will work closely with Head of Engineering Peeyush Ranjan and will lead the charter of computer vision and image processing technology across Flipkart's platforms, the company said in a statement.
His core area of focus will be in the area of Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for object recognition in images to enable computers to understand higher levels of abstractions.
This will help redefine the way Flipkart's customers and sellers connect with the brand, including the manner in which they browse and make purchasing decisions, the statement added.
"Image science has the potential to revolutionise the way in which information is consumed. From customers searching for products 'visually' to our sellers uploading their inventory on our platform through one picture, it is all possible today with 'computer vision' or deep learning technology," Ranjan said.
The charter of Chaudhury's team is to make this very vision a reality, he added. Prior to Flipkart, Chaudhury has worked with the Machine Intelligence team of Google Research at their Mountain View campus.
Previously, he has worked with Advanced Technology Group of Adobe Systems in San Jose and holds over 20 patents.