New Delhi: Apart from beautifying your house, flowers have a deeper meaning and can play a role in maintaining your physical and emotional balance.

Along with their aesthetic value, flowers have found a new role in our lives. Flower therapy is an in-thing these days.

Started in 19th century by Dr Edward Bach, flower therapy is gaining popularity in India. It used to cure all types of diseases and also to maintain the physical and emotional balance.

Dr Malti Khaitan who has been practising flower therapy for the last 20 years said, "In flower therapy, we study the nature, mood and mind of the person and then ultimately cure the disease."

Citing an example, she explained, "Suppose there is an accident on the road, some people will rush to see it, some will help the injured, some will cry, some will feel dejected and so on. There is one situation but the responses are different because the mental health of everyone is different. So, we investigate into the nature of the person, their reaction to different situations and then cure the disease. I use 63 flowers to do this therapy for different types of diseases."

During the therapy, flowers are soaked in water and are preserved under the sun. Later, that water is used to treat the patients. Flowers and trees like aloe vera, ashoka, amaltas, gulmohar, peepal, California poppy, etc are used to treat patients.

Problems like pre-menstrual tension, headache, asthma, pigmentation, cold, mentally retarded children, arthritis, nervousness and depression can be cured with the help of flower therapy. It also helps in maintaining emotional and mental balance. Holistic flower essences are helpful and effective in treating patients by acting on their emotions and curing both their mind and body.

Alka Raghbeer, a flower therapist said, "Bach essences are a safe and subtle means of restoring peace of mind, which in turn allows the body to regain its strength and ability to combat ill health through its own natural healing processes. Each remedy applies to a specific negative personality trait, mood, and outlook and endeavours to correct it, thereby bringing joy and good health to the individual. You treat the mood and not the disease."

One should keep in mind that flower therapy is not aroma therapy. Therefore, there is no fragrance in the water used for flower therapy.

Here are few flower which can help in healing

Aspen- For inexplicable, anticipatory fears.
Agrimony- For worries.
Beech- For intolerance and criticism.
Centaury- For weakness of body and the inability to say no.
Chestnut bud- Memory problems and for making mistakes repeatedly.
Chicory- Possessiveness, controlling nature and for   attention seekers.
Holly- Jealousy, hatred, anger.
Larch- Lack of self-confidence, feelings of inferiority.
Mimulus- Everyday fears.
Mustard- Depression without a cause.
Olive- Lack of energy, extreme mental and physical tiredness.
Rock rose- Panic, terror.
Sweet chestnut- Deep anguish and despair.
Vine- Bossy, controlling, dictatorial.
Walnut- Easily influenced by other people.
Water violet- Likes to work and live alone.
Wild rose- Apathy

(Courtesy: City Plus)