New Delhi: Amid allegations by IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal over suspicious link between Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra and construction giant DLF, social media sites are now witnessing an influx of jibes against the Congress chief.

Some of the tweets are as follows:

•    Sonia Gandhi’s government has committed rape on common man.

•    One among many recent tweets called Vadra ‘pumpkin’.

•    Now I have understood why smugglers, thieves, rapists and criminals during 70-80s films were named Robert!

– Sexy Sam

•    Vadra’s Facebook account mistakenly deleted. Actually, he is too innocent that he doesn’t know how to delete a single post.

– Jatin Kapadia

•    Sonia Gandhi would have asked Vadra, “Son do something after which people would forget scams like 2G, coalgate.”

•    After listening that Vadra owns a property wroth Rs 300 crores, Sonia must have felt ashamed as his son-in-law will be from now onwards seen as a person from BPL (Below Poverty Line) category in India’s political circle

-   Mango man

•    While proposing Priyanka to marry him, Vadra would have said- Agar tum mil jao, kamana chhod denge hum (If you marry me, I won’t have any need to earn money)

-  Roshan Halwai

•    Robert is only husband in the world who is happy with his married life

-   Prabhat Kumar

•    Robert Vadra is going to have a new name as- Robber Vadra

-   Kshitij Mehta

•    Robert Vadra is just a symbol. Actually every political personality in the country has one such a son-in-law.

-   Big

•    Vadra says that all that has surfaced recently is white money… imagine what a hefty sum of blackmoney he would have accumulated.

-  Jigar Pandya

•    Vijay Malya should sell off his Kingfisher Airlines to Vadra…

-  Mohit Shukla

•    Robert Vadra looks more like Priyanka’s bodyguard than her husband

-  Narendra

•    Robert Vadra is planning to hold fast to get rid of Arvind Kejriwal

-  Shruti   

•    Now I have understood that Robet Vadra is not just ‘son-in-law’ but he is ‘son of law’

-   Tushar Sharma

•    Salman Khurshid and Jayanthi Natarajan are well reputed political figures of the country. Why are they diminishing their personality by defending Vadra?

-   Sagrika Ghosh

•    Why is nobody asking on Chidambaram’s defence for Vadra?

-   Rajiv Juneja

•    Though, I am not a son-in-law of any politician, but I seek DLF’s friendship

-   Alok

•    Its great to have a mother-in-law like Sonia Gandhi  

-  Swadesh

Why did Vadra shut his FB account?

Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law and Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra has shut his Facebook account while terming himself as ‘Mango people in banana republic’.

Robert Vadra wrote on his facebook account- my new status is ‘mango people in banana republic’. After this comment, he deactivated his fb account on late Sunday night.

Actually banana republic is a popular phrase in Latin American countries where corruption, mafia rule and political chaos are pre-dominant. Before deactivating his account, Vadra commented, “Whatever I post becomes news. People don’t understand the humour.” After writing this, he deleted his FB account on Sunday night.

In his controversial comment posted on FB, he not only targeted Kejriwal but also ‘Aam Admi’. He also pointed out the ideology of the ‘Aam Admi’ through his comment.


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