Fly to touch the sky. Fly to soak the feeling of freedom. Fly to live up your dreams. Fly a kite on the Independence Day.

The country wakes up to the viewers glued to their television channels for the Independence Day speech by the Prime Minister. Starting the day with jalebis in breakfast and boondi ka ladoo being distributed in schools and offices, the Independence Day revives the feeling of celebration - the celebration of freedom.

Sweating under the afternoon sun, the children along with aunties and uncles, women with brothers and husbands explore the unlimited skies with their colourful kites. The kites sail through the open skies, chasing one after another, entangling the sharp strings which even bleed many fingers and jumping with joy on cutting the neighbour’s kite.

The kite-flying is not just a pleasure activity but one’s own way to touch the sky. The feeling of wandering in the open sky far above the hustle bustle of the earthly lives gives the real fun of living up one’s one liberty. The liberty to think free, think big with a clean and pure heart.

The setting sun in the evening brings the joy of watching the fireworks burnt to mark the grand celebrations. The illuminated sky mesmerizes the creatures on earth who savour the delight of the celebration of independence. The children who had gazed at the sky all throughout the day, cool their eyes by the beautiful visual delight of the sparkling sky.

Come another day, the people would wake up reading the newspaper decorated with criminal headlines, taking up their routine life cursing the system, the administration, transport system but a small step towards individual development would make a huge difference to the India which turns 65 years old this Independence Day.

Think and act. Jai Hind.

Ruchi Kaushal