London: Soon CCTV cameras will be a thing of the past as scientists have developed a new flying robot equipped with most advanced intelligence system which will track down criminals easily.

Users simply need to point to a place on Google Maps on its touch-screen controller and the robot flies there at 30mph to record high quality video that can be beamed to an iPhone.
Developed by Canada-based Aeryon Labs, the miniature unmanned aerial vehicle contains four rotor blades also ensure it is practically silent when hovering.

The robot, called the Scout, can go up to 500ft above the ground and can zoom in to a close-up from a 300 metre away, meaning it may not even be seen while on a mission, according to reports.

According to Aeryon, the Scout has the "most sophisticated and highest quality aerial intelligence available today" and it beams its pictures to any electronic device, be it a remote computer or even an iPhone.

The USD 50,000 robot and its laptop-style control panel fits into a suitcase so it can be deployed easily over any crowd and carried away covertly, the company said.

One of the most ingenious features is that the camera is self-correcting, so even if you are flying along at speed it will stay locked on the target.

The robot hovers at a great distance from a car thief who is being caught in the act.

When the camera zooms in, the suspect's face can be seen clearly, enabling police to get a better idea of his identity.

The Scout also has significant uses for the military and general surveillance missions, said its developers.

"In today's world instant access to high-quality aerial intelligence is a requirement in the field, not a luxury, Aeryon said in a statement posted on its website.

"It can be the difference between mission success or mission failure, or in some cases, lives saved versus lives lost. The Aeryon Scout instantly provides aerial intelligence to where it's needed -- to the people in the field."